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About Donna Dewberry and her One Stroke Painting Technique

Donna Dewberry

Donna Dewberry has been Decorative Painting for more than 30 years. As a busy mother she was always looking for ways to express her creativity. The decorating projects had to be quick and easy yet turn out looking professionally done. She slowly evolved the One-Stroke Painting method to help her reach these types of results..

One-Stroke Painting is a blend of easily learned strokes using specially shaped brushes that allows the beginning painter to quickly complete a painting project that can with a little practice look like it has been done by the pro's. Short-cuts, yes but with quite satisfying results. The great part is that One-Stroke techniques are quick and easy to learn and apply. Many painters have been so thrilled with their creations that they continue their painting education beyond the simple One-Stroke techniques.

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